Culwulla Chambers, 67 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

Restoration of Culwulla Cambers.

Culwulla Chambers was hailed as Sydney’s first ‘skyscraper’ when it was completed in 1912, the 50-metre-high Culwulla Chambers building was Australia’s tallest building for 45 years and it was a catalyst for the 1912 Height of Buildings Act.

Designed by the noted firm of architects, Spain, Cosh & Minnett, Culwulla Chambers is home to many of Sydney’s top barristers, and bears many of the Federation free style elements: a striped brick and stone facade, classical features, sandstone trim, bay windows and and arches, and a curved decorative parapet.

Culwulla Chambers has high historic significance as a twelve storey (now thirteen) reinforced concrete commercial office building which at the time of its construction was Australia’s tallest building.The building is of scientific significance as the height of the building was achieved through advanced technology in steel construction and fireproofing, 

We restored Culwulla Chambers using the services of architects, Kann Finch and Partners between 1983 and 1985. Culwulla Chambers restoration was completed in 1985  and included the addition of a thirteenth floor.


Built in 1912.

Heritage restoration completed in 1985